Damiani Trading Strategy

Image: Damiani Trading Strategy applied over Nifty 5 Mins Chart

Damiani trading strategy is based on calculated entry and exits in a trending market. Major indicators are MA shades, SR (Support-Resistance) Indicator and Damiani Noise Signal Indicator.

MA Shades – This Indicator gives green shade for bullish trend and blue shade for bearish trend.

SR Indicator – SR indicator plots key support and resistance lines.

Damiani Noise Signal Indicator – This indicator filters noise and shows the trending zones.

BUY or Go LONG when –

  • You see a Yellow Buy Arrow
  • MA Shade Indicator is Green
  • Damiani Indicator has no noise signal (i.e. no red line)

SELL or Go SHORT when –

  • You see a Red Sell Arrow
  • MA Shade Indicator is Blue
  • Damiani Indicator has no noise signal (i.e. no red line)

EXIT (for LONG as well as SHORT Entries):

Take Profit: Target 1 – 0.5% | Target 2 – 1% | Target 3 – 1.5%

Stop Loss – 1%

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