MT4 Buy Sell Signal System & Scanner

MT4 Buy Sell Signal System And Scanner

- Applicable for All Segments: Best Buy-Sell Signal software for NSE Equities, NSE Futures, MCX Commodities, NCDEX Commodities, Indian Currency Futures and International Forex pairs.

- High Success Rate: Software is built on highly successful trend and strength of trend filters that gives 80%+ success rate.

- Easy to Use: The chart clearly has Entry, Target1, Target2 and Stop Loss information which helps even a new trader to trade.

- Scanner: Has inbuilt scanner which helps in easily identify new signals from a given set of symbols.

- Multiple Time Frame: Along with Intraday signals, Swing as well as Positional trading signals can also be generated using this software.

- Developed by Professionals: Developed by professionals having more than a decade experience in trading.

The Chart Screen


The Chart screen shows current entry price(grey line), target1(light green), target2(dark green) and stop loss(red line). All these values can be seen in the bottom part of the chart. The top part of the chart has other information like type of signal (buy/sell), current running profit or loss and the latest status – Target1/Target2/SL hit.

The Scanner Dashboard


Scanner runs the strategy on multiple scrips and shows key information like current price, last generated signal along with time stamp, entry price, take profit 1, take profit 2 and stop loss. The scanner dashboard also shows current status of the signal (like Target1/Target2/SL hit) along with running profit/loss. New signals can be identified from the last column.