YangTrader – indicator for MetaTrader 4

(Image: YangTrader indicator applied over Vedanta Ltd NSE Equity – H1 chart)

After crossing the 15 and 80 levels, the Yang Trader MT4 indicator will give you signals via arrows where if the price surpasses the 15 level, this is considered a buy signal so you will get an up arrow. While crossing the 80 level is a selling signal where you will get a down arrow.

The charts represent supply and demand for the traders where their behavior is plotted in order to modify their strategies and know what is going on in the market.

Indicator also presents to the traders the overbought and oversold levels so that they can determine extreme price changes. Passing the 80 level means that the currency pair is overbought and below 20 means that the currency pair is oversold.

How To Trade With Yang Trader:

Yang Trader has 2 indicators where one window is used to present the oscillator and the other to show the signals on the price chart.

Buy Signal: When Indicator moves above the 15 line (i.e. wait for a blue arrow below the price candle).

Sell Signal: When Indicator moves below the 80 line (i.e. wait for a red arrow above the price candle).

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