SGX Nifty

SGX NIFTY Now Available In MT4 & MT5

What is SGX Nifty?

SGX NIFTY is a derivative of NIFTY index traded officially in singapore stock exchange.


Why SGX Nifty is important?

SGX Nifty trades for almost 20 hours a day. Trading starts from morning 6:30 AM(Indian time) and goes upto next day 2:00 AM(Indian time). So for any trader it will be very useful as we can predict Nifty's opening based on SGX Nifty and we can also get an idea of Nifty's sentiment round the clock.


SGX Nifty now available in MT4 & MT5

We are proud to anounce that we have started offering real time SGX Nifty data feed in MT4 & MT5. Now you can apply all your favourite MT4 & MT5 indicators and strategies and get an edge over other traders.


For Pricing please contact us on email: or call us at 8807988554